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OK, sure, that’s a loaded question, but as many of us are traveling for summer, I think it’s an interesting topic: Which items in your makeup/toilette collection do you happily swap out for whatever’s available in a travel size, and what products do you decant into smaller bottles, buy expensive travel sizes of, or even travel with full sizes if you’re driving somewhere?

We’ve been traveling a bit this summer, and I’ve realized that sometimes the extra hassle of having my preferred products is worth it.

Some of the products I’ve found I can’t live without:

  • I brought the full size of my preferred conditioner, as well as an almost-empty full size of one of my favorite shampoos and one of my favorite gels. (I’m still avoiding silicones, etc., while I do the Curly Girl method, so hotel shampoos aren’t great — and I had overestimated my ability in rural areas to get the cheap VO5 and Suave products that are OK.)
  • I’m very happy to have a travel size of my Clinique moisturizer — that was more providence (it came in a gift set, perhaps?), but I’m going to keep an eye out in the future.
  • Makeup brushes: I have a bunch of cute tiny travel sets but I always just end up packing my preferred makeup brushes because if I am putting on makeup, I’d rather it look the way I want it to.

How about you, readers? What are some of the beauty products that you can’t live without? (Does anyone have any great tips for putting things in travel-size containers? The one trick I’ve used for years — squeezing eye makeup remover into contact lens cases — is still a good one for something you only need in small volumes.)

Psst: As of 2023, these are some of Kat’s favorite hair products (she largely follows curly hair routines)… but she loves this $30 brush/blowdryer!