The Best Career Advice on Instagram and TikTok –

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The last time we rounded up great TikTokers to follow was almost two years ago now, and since we have a feeling many Corporette readers have jumped on the (addictive) bandwagon since then, today we’re highlighting some of the accounts with the best career advice on Instagram and TikTok. (Also, job humor, because sometimes if you don’t laugh, you’ll scream). (The content differs slightly for each of them from IG to TikTok.)

If you’ve got your own recommendations, please drop their names in the comments!

(We realize there are also many never-would-use-TikTok-in-a-million-years readers, and for those of you, feel free to sit this one out or let us know your favorite career experts on LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms.)

The Best Career Advice on Instagram and TikTok

1. @corporatenatalie (@corporatenatalie on IG)

We included @corporatenatalie in our first TikTok post and we just have to feature her again. Less career advice than career commiseration, she pokes fun at corporate life (and life in general) with relatable sketches about things like working from home, irritating coworkers, generational differences at work, and more.

2. @allifromcorporate0 / Allison Peck (@allifromcorporate0 on IG)

@allifromcorporate0’s profile declares, “I help early career STEM professionals get jobs.” The career specialist makes videos all about the world of job-hunting and provides tips on interviewing, public speaking, networking, corporate culture, and more. She also has a podcast and book.

3. @yourrichbff / Vivian Tu (@your.richbff on IG)

@yourrichbff was recently recommended by one of our readers — but she was also on our radar — and the ex-Wall Street trader focuses on financial literacy. (We’re including her because of the major overlap between personal finance and career, of course!) @yourrichbff has lots of other resources, like a podcast, newsletter, and book.

4. @loewhaley / Laura Whaley (@loewhaley on IG)

@loewhaley’s career advice videos (plus lots of funny, relatable ones) cover topics like working from home, stylish workwear, and communication at work. For example, her video series “How Do You Say?” helps her followers professionally and diplomatically express things like “That’s way above my pay grade” or “Do your job.”

5. apowermood / Sam DeMase (@powermood on IG)

Reader-recommended @apowermood is a career coach and author who specializes in career guidance for women in the corporate world. Topics include salary negotiation, body language, leadership, resumes, interviews, workplace culture, and more. She also has a workwear line!

6. Honorable Mention: techgirljen / Jennifer Dove (@techgirljen on IG)

While this TikToker focuses on tech tips, her videos are career-advice-adjacent! Though iPhone tips are @techgirljen’s bread and butter, she also offers smart, time-saving tips for Apple Watch, TikTok, Google Docs, Google search, and more (y’know, the ones that make you go, “OH! You can do that?!”). PSA for parents: You can get @techgirljen’s guide to Google Classroom free right now.

Readers, do tell: Which accounts do you think have the best career advice on Instagram and TikTok? What other social media apps do you get career tips from?