Open Thread: What Are the Best Jeans Right Now? –

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Let’s have an open thread: what are the best jeans right now? Which jeans are getting the most wear, and where are you wearing them (errands? WFH? general out-and-about)? Which cuts and washes are your favorite? Do you find yourself wearing denim less in favor of other options like comfy pull-on pants?

Best-Selling Jean Styles to Know…

Denim trends are all over the map, of course, but I thought I’d round up a few that I’ve seen repeatedly…

Best Flare: Veronica Beard

professional woman wears medium blue denim flares

I’ve seen readers extolling their Veronica Beard jeans, and I think these are a classic, polished style as far as denim goes. These Beverly “skinny flares” are among their best-sellers at the moment, but so are these wide-leg jeans and these cuffed straight-leg jeans.

The pictured jeans come in sizes 23-32, with smaller extended sizes 15-20.

Best Denim Trouser: J.Crew

woman wears denim trousers with tweed lady jacket

These denim trousers are some of the highest rated, best-selling jeans at J.Crew right now, but this demi-boot crop and these wide legs are also amongst their best-sellers. (These sailor trousers are also best sellers!)

The pictured trousers are available in regular sizes 23-37, as well as petite and tall sizes, in 6 different washes at the moment.

Best Straight Cut: Madewell

woman wears black straight-leg jeans with ballet flats and a t-shirt; she is holding either a striped shirt or blazer in her hand

The Madewell 90s straight is one of their best-selling styles, and I feel like their “curve-enhancing fit” is one of the most flattering.

Best Ankle Flare: Mother

woman wears white jeans with flared ankles that are frayed

I’ve heard a bunch of people sing the praises of Mother jeans, and these ankle fray flare jeans are best-sellers at ShopBop.

Best Cropped Wide Leg: Maeve

cropped wide-leg jeans; woman wears with a cropped bra top and ugly sandals

Anthropologie has a number of these cropped wide legs from Maeve in their best-seller list… I especially like that they come in standard (23-34), tall, petite, and plus sizes.

My $.02 on the Best Jeans Right Now

I’m not a great gauge here because a) I need petites, which limits my selections, and b) I wear them frequently but not so much that it’s worth spending money on them, so I have a lot of affordable options. My current denim collection includes a bunch of different cuts and washes:

  • Wit & Wisdom – dark blue Itty Bitty bootcut
  • Wit & Wisdom – pale blue straight crop distressed pair
  • Vigoss – medium/pale blue flare jeans
  • Madewell – distressed gray/black straight crop
  • Kut from the Kloth – dark blue cropped wide legs
  • NYDJ – black straight jeans

Over to you guys: What are the best jeans right now? Which jeans are getting the most wear, and where are you wearing them? Which cuts and washes are your favorite?

Stock photo via Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio.