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I’ve been an glasses wearer for a long time, and these days I’m only in contacts a few times a year. But I’ve never really looked into the best makeup tips for people who wear glasses, so I thought I’d round some up.

Readers, if you wear eyeglasses, what kind of makeup do you wear daily? Do you change your makeup with your frames? If you wear glasses to big events, how do elevate your makeup look?

I’ve written before about how I like to have multiple pairs of eyeglasses at any given time, to switch up like other accessories, and I’ve rounded up my favorite online glasses for women. We’ve also talked about wearing fun eyeglasses at work, and how to take a great corporate headshot wearing glasses.

My number one tip is that you should save blue screen glasses for screentime. Instead, have a separate pair of eyeglasses that you wear out and about with people, and especially wherever you’re photographed like a corporate headshot or big party — the slight tint to the lenses inevitably looks horrible in pictures, but in real life I’ve also found that I can always tell when someone is wearing blue screen glasses.

I was also blown away by some of the tips about how your eyeglasses frames affect your makeup — they make sense, but I never would have thought of them that way.

5 Makeup Tips for People Who Wear Glasses

Looking at various articles from Marie Claire, Glamour UK, Warby Parker, and some Reddit threads, a lot of the same advice came up over and over again.

Be careful of foundation on your nose, because it can make your eyeglasses slide down the bridge of your nose. Some people noted that this is actually a sign of poor fit, and in a pinch you can get tiny rubberband donuts from Amazon to stop them from sliding down your nose. I’ve also seen it said that loose powder can help set your foundation better as well as keep your glasses from sliding down your nose.

Watch out for dark shadows created by eyeglasses. Most people noted that great concealer is important (I love Touche Éclat for just this purpose, especially for a mid-day or pre-dinner touchup, and have been meaning to write about this much cheaper alternative from e.l.f.).

Another tip to help mitigate the dark shadows: go for lighter colors with eyeshadows in general, and consider lining your bottom waterline with white or peach eyeliner.

Curl your eyelashes before you apply mascara, and look to volumizing, rather than lengthening mascara — this will help keep your mascara from smudging on the inside of your lenses.

Note that your frames can affect your makeup. This was news to me, as someone who likes to have multiple frames, although I do think it makes sense. Various tips I saw related to eyeglasses frames and makeup:

  • If your frames are thin, delicate, and more rounded, your brows will be emphasized — so keep them well-groomed, Marie Claire recommends.
  • If you have clear or translucent frames, it emphasizes your makeup much more than thick, dark frames, which can hide a lot of makeup sins like sloppy application.
  • You should match the thickness of your eyeliner to the thickness of your frames.

Keep your brows tidy — especially watch out for regrowth, as everything can be magnified with eyeglasses. (Totally guilty of this one!)

If you’re doing a winged liner, direct the wing towards the external top corners of your lenses.

Readers, if you wear eyeglasses, what kind of makeup do you wear daily? Do you change your makeup with your frames? If you wear glasses to big events, how do elevate your makeup look?

Stock photo via Pexels / Yan Krukau.