An Easy Trick to Delete Photos Off Your iPhone –

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Do you have 10,000 photos on your phone — and yet you don’t want to sweep them all off your phone? Something I’ve started doing recently (maybe based on a tip I saw here in comments?) is going to my iPhone Photos app and searching by today’s date.

So for today I’d type “May 8” and then watch as my iPhone pulled up every photo I’ve ever taken on May 8. (I have about four years’ worth of images on my phone, sadly.)

Sometimes there are only a few pictures for that day, and sometimes there are 100+. Maybe my family went somewhere interesting and I decided I needed a bunch of pictures. Sometimes I took a zillion screenshots of a Facebook conversation or recipes in a cookbook I’ve checked out of the library (or screenshots if it was an e-cookbook). Sometimes my youngest son has gotten ahold of my phone and taken 10,000 soulful pictures of his favorite toys.

I should also mention here that all of my photos are backed up to Dropbox (as WELL as iCloud) and then saved on my hard drive, so I really shouldn’t feel any compunction at all about deleting them wholesale.

I do not do that, though — whether it’s because I’m sentimental or a hoarder, who is to say?! Instead, I’ll swipe through the day quickly and choose the best ones to keep. Sometimes I’ve even taken action on a screenshot by remembering I wanted to read a book or look up a website, or OH HEY we DID like that bottle of wine so I should buy it again.

(I also use my camera phone to do mini-reviews of things I like or dislike, mostly by taking a picture of my hand in front of the product, giving a thumbs-up or thumbs-down.)

It only takes about five minutes to even do the most voluminous day — and I’ll often do several days at a time, going backwards or forwards depending on how forgetful I’ve been recently.

How do you organize your photos — and retain or delete the ones you want?

Stock photo via Stencil.